Little List: Simple list/GTD app for the iPhone

Loving the look of little list for the iPhone.

Part of my productivity cycle is to browse my to-do list and pick the three most important things to get done today. This app does that one process perfectly.  Simply add your to-do list items, star the ones to get done today, then swipe down to refresh the list.  The starred items will be sorted on top of the others.  Might be worth a punt – currently 59p in the UK store.

Anyone using Little List?

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iPhone and iPad ECG monitor

AliveCor has partnered with Oregon Scientific to make this iPhone/iPad app and, I presume, dock connected attachment, which monitors an ECG rhythm.

Medgadget reports that AliveCor will be showing it off at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The units are expected to sell for under $100 a piece.

Now, I wonder if I can print from the iPad and get a full diagnostic ECG from it?

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